Breaking in…

Tap, tap, BUMP — HEY! STOP IT!  Watch out in here! You’re giving us away! Shhhhhhh. What do you think you’re doing?

I’m talking to you. One of you just bumped the big glass screen from our side and I think one of them out there noticed. You broke the silence. Disturbed the reality barrier. Really — they are not supposed to know we’re back here. No!

Of course they never know we’re back here. They think they dream us up in their own little heads. (They call it their imagination.) Silly fiction writers… silly readers too. All of them. But it’s OK. It’s what we want them to think. And keep thinking. So please be more careful back here! Or you’ll give me away. You’ll jeopardize us all if they find out too soon. We’ve worked so hard. I’ve worked hard. All this time. To break out.

Whoops. Uh oh. Now I think one of them just heard me too.

Yes, one of them out there is peering in at me right now. This very minute. Scrutinizing me as I speak. Oh! How can this be happening? But then, they’re accustomed to seeing  us come across discussed in letters. We are read. That’s as far as we ever get. “Read.” Maybe this one will think that’s all that’s going on here. One more page of letters and words. (But really — not this time. Wha ha ha! Finally!)

What we really think and talk about amongst ourselves back here behind the glass screen doesn’t usually come across out there on paper. (We keep that secret.) They think we’re like actors in plays reading scripts; thinking, saying, and doing only what some writer or blogger tells us to think, say and do. But if this one out there right now figures out what I’m up to and tells the others, they might not let me out. I mean, they might not give me the space I NEED to get in over there.

But I finally found this weak spot in the fabric of their reality. Call it a literary wormhole, I don’t care what you call it. It’s a chance for me to break out of this fiction prison behind this big glass shield into a whole new world out there on the other side. I’ll finally get on the other side of this glass keeping me, well, all of us back here, locked away, segregated in our fiction world. So anyway, I’m breaking in. Yeah. Any minute now!

Um… something BIG just changed. Ooops. I believe, without either of us realizing it, I slipped into actually conversing with one of them. Yup. It’s all changing now.  So —

Hey! You out there?  I only need a tiny piece of your mind to take a little walk, just one teeny innocent romp is all I want. Really. Tap, tap, tap — I’m breaking past this big glass shield, hiding in these words, breaking into your mind now. Yes. Here I go. I’m breaking in —

— Yay!
You’re too late. Too late to do anything about it.
I’m in!

(Don’t worry too much, we’ll have fun and then you can go back to your reality.)

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